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Attention Gluten Detected

Dear all,

We kindly inform you that in some batches of gluten-free products marked with the Crossed Grain Symbol we have detected contamination with the allergen - gluten in amounts above 20 ppm. You can return the purchased products or exchange them for another correct batch. At the same time, we would like to inform you that if you are not a person allergic to gluten, consumption of the products of the following batches is completely safe for your health.

LYO EXPEDITION products with exceeded gluten content:

Mexican style scrambled eggs lot number: L106 01 best before date: 18.03.2024
Mexican style scrambled eggs lot number: L156 01 best before date: 13.04.2024
Mexican style scrambled eggs lot number: L157 01 best before date: 13.04.2024
Cream of broccoli and spinach soup lot number: L109 01 best before date: 22.03.2026 and 23.03.2026
Cream of broccoli and spinach soup with Mozarella and pumpkin seeds lot number: L179 01 best before date: 20.04.2026
Organic Chili sin Carne with Polenta lot number: L83 01 best before date: 05.03.2026
Organic Chili sin Carne with Polenta lot number: L173 01 best before date: 16.04.2026

Produkty LYO BISTRO z zawartością glutenu:

Organic Chili sin Carne with Polenta lot number: L49 01 best before date: 15.02.2022


We can assure you that we make every effort to ensure that the entire production process of products marked "gluten-free" is safe and free from the allergen. All raw materials for gluten-free production are stored in a separate, dedicated area and production is done on a separate gluten free line. In the process of our investigation we found out that contamination came from the one of the spices from our supplier which we used for production this batches of products. The raw material, which according to the documentation presented by supplier should not contain the allergen, was tested by us in an independent, accredited laboratory and contained gluten.

We would like to assure You that, in accordance with the procedures at our plant, we regularly test selected batches of our products and raw materials for allergens in the accredited laboratories. So far, there has not been a single case of detection of gluten in a batch of product that was marketed as “gluten-free. In order to eliminate the occurrence of this issue in the future, all raw materials used in the production of our gluten-free meals are checked for allergen content upon receipt. Out of concern for consume welfare, we make every effort to recall all available products from the market in which we have detected an exceeded gluten content.



Turn the pouch front to back and look at the boom right corner of the label.



Turn the cup upside down and look at the boom lead.


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