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LYOFOOD Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zagnańska 97A
25-558 Kielce, Poland

Tipo: Fruits

Des cerises croquantes aigres-douces. 

Oubliez le besoin de dénoyautées les griottes, essayez nos griottes lyophilisées sans sucre ajouté, sans colorant et sans conservateur !

Les griottes sans noyau, mûres et coupées en tranches sont lyophilisées, conservant ainsi leur saveur aigre-douce tout en devenant incroyablement croquantes. Elles sont parfaites pour être ajoutées à votre avoine du matin, pour décorer un dessert ou comme ingrédient de smoothie. Nous adorons les manger secs ou combinés avec la nouvelle recette de pudding au chocolat.

Attention : ce goûter est irrésistible...

Nous produisons avec AMOUR! Savourez nos produits!

Tous nos produits sont préparés dans notre établissement en Pologne.
fruits lyophilisés: cerise 100%
Valeurs nutritivesPor 100gPour portion 30g
Calories1558 kJ / 369 kcal467 kJ / 111 kcal
Graisses2,1 g0,6 g
dont acides gras saturés0,5 g0,1 g
Glucides75 g23 g
dont sucres60 g18 g
Fibre11 g3,3 g
Fibres alimentaires7 g2,1 g
Sel0,1 g0 g

What makes our meals so exeptional?

100% natural ingredients

For our meals we only use 100% natural and fresh ingredients. We do not add any preservatives, artificial food-additives, colorants or flavour enhancers. We even grow most of the herbs on our own fields to make the taste of LYO meals so exceptional.

The real taste of a homemade dish

We pay attention not only to the freeze-drying process but also to the way of preparing our meals. We only choose high quality ingredients and always cook every meal before freeze-drying it. This ensures the real, fresh taste that makes LYO EXPEDITION meals so exceptional. Other providers of freeze-dried meals mix the ingredients after they have been cooked separately. We don’t.

Orginal form and size of product

The freeze-drying process allows the maintaining of the original form and size of all ingredients. We take advantage of this and cut all ingredients into bite-sized pieces. Consequently our meals not only taste like a homemade dish but they also look like it.

High nutritional value

Freeze-dried food has a very high calorie count. Moreover, it maintains all of the food’s natural vitamins and minerals. The consumption of a LYO EXPEDITION meal allows you to generate long-lasting physical peak performance.

Low weight

During the freeze-drying process 98% of the moisture content is being removed, which results in significantly reduced weight. Our meals are light-weight and compactly packed.

Long shelf live

LYO EXPEDITION meals can be stored for a long time. Since the water content is being removed during the freeze-drying process, microorganisms and enzymes action are inhibited. Each pouch is hermetically sealed and contains an oxygen absorber.

High safety standards

To make sure LYO EXPEDITION meals are safe in every aspect, they are checked twice in the in-house laboratory. Once- after being cooked and for a second time- after the freeze-drying process.

Ultralight & Functional pouch

LYO EXPEDITION pouch was designed to be lightweight yet still allows a comfortable preparation of the LYO meal inside.

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